• Mirah's solution goes by a lot of different names

    Measurement-Based Care. Routine Outcomes Monitoring. Measurement Feedback System. Feedback Informed Therapy. Outcome Measures.


    What it means is simple

    It's the evidence-based practice of collecting client-reported symptom data to inform ongoing behavioral health treatment.

  • Is Mirah Right For Your Organization?

    Do you want to:

    • Measure patients to track their progress?
    • Administer mental health screeners (e.g. PHQ-9, GAD-7) in office, or by email or SMS?
    • Screen for mental health disorders in other settings like pediatrics or primary care?
    • Meet measurement compliance obligations for accreditation?

    On top of that, Mirah can:

    • Connect directly to your EHR to save your clinicians time and effort.
    • Help you get reimbursed for the assessments you do.
    • Work with your clinicians to change their practice to use patient feedback.
    • Help improve your practice in a data-informed way.

    And once done, you can enjoy the benefits:

    • Better outcomes.
    • Reduced no-shows.
    • Increased client engagement.
    • Reduced administrative burden.
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