• Would you like to earn incremental revenue while improving your practice?

    Insurance payers are now reimbursing providers for measurement-based care assessments via CPT code 96127 and others.


    Mirah combines intuitive and flexible measurement software with expert care planning and ongoing clinical support to provide the only turnkey solution for measurement-based care.



    Any Measure, Anywhere

    Use standard measures and/or ones designed specifically for MBC.

    Send measures in advance via text or email, or have patients complete them in-clinic on tablets.

    Change Management & Clinical Support

    Making MBC sustainable can be difficult.

    Our experts guide you through the process step by step, from care model consulting to training and ongoing clinical support.



    Spend less time filling out forms and more time with your patients.

    We integrate seamlessly with any EHR to save staff time and increase measurement adherence.

    Reimbursement Support

    Unlock new sources of revenue.

    We can work with your billing department to optimize and automate the reimbursement process to offset the cost of MBC.

  • Find out how to make CPT 96127 code work for you.

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