• Mirah makes Measurement-Based Care easy

  • The Mirah Platform

    Mirah has the most extensive feature-set of any MBC platform on the market.

    Take assessments anywhere

    Multiple assessment modalities allow patients to take assessments how it suits them: by phone or computer, in the waiting room on a kiosk, or with a provider during the session.

    Send email and SMS appointment reminders

    Versatile scheduling logic prompts patients to take assessments by email or text message before the appointment (and doubles as appointment reminders).

    Save time with Electronic Health Record integration

    Fast and easy EHR integration minimizes the administrative burden: assessments are delivered and symptom profiles and scores are stored automatically. Data export allows these assessment data to be easily combined with other EHR data to generate reports, improve operations, and demonstrate outcomes.

    Discover more about your patients

    Intuitive and interactive feedback reports give an at-a-glance picture of the patient's overall mental health while letting providers explore more detailed feedback on specific symptoms or strengths.

    Measure what you want, when you want

    Our platform offers a host of measures and batteries, from our multi-dimensional instruments to standard instruments like the PHQ-9, to custom organization- and clinician- specific questions. Branching logic and assessment schedules allow you to tailor individual patient assessments to gather the information you need, when you need it.

    Maximize MBC reimbursement revenues

    Mirah works with you to unlock existing reimbursement codes built for measurement-based care.

  • The Mirah Coaching Model

    Most research indicates that sustainably changing your practice to incorporate regular measurement requires organization-level changes. We will walk you through every step of the way.

    Team coaching

    Regular coaching calls provide clinicians with guidance on how to interpret feedback and use it in therapeutic sessions with their clients. Mirah helps to create a peer-learning environment for long-term sustainability.

    Leadership coaching

    We partner with leaders to combine our years of experience implementing MBC with your deep organizational knowledge. Leaders are given the tools to promote success starting early and continuing sustainably.

  • The Benefits of Mirah MBC

    Achieve Better Outcomes

    Research shows that Measurement-Based Care improves outcomes, but is critically underused. By partnering with organizations to achieve successful implementation, Mirah makes MBC into a sustainable practice.

    Talk in a common clinical language

    Mirah feedback reports provide a common clinical language for BH across the organization. Mirah reports can guide case reviews during team and supervisory meetings, as well as indicate appropriate levels of care. 

    Reduce no-shows

    Increased patient engagement can lead to lower no-show rates. Further reduce no-shows by using Mirah reporting tools to identify high-risk patients and proactively reach out to them.

    Become Data-Driven

    Mirah helps your organization incorporate data into therapy and level-of-care decisions, with outcomes visible to clinicians and leadership. Clear, easily accessible data analytics help identify and proliferate best practices.

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