• Mirah offers a growing library of resources that will help your agency adapt to the quickly evolving tMBC landscape.

    Mirah COVID-19 Risk Screening and Other Measures to Use with tMBC

    1. The COVID-19 Health Risk Appraisal Screen is available to add to measurement protocols, either manually (by patient and/or session) or automated (in the core protocols for all clients in a program, etc.). The measure is brief, assesses physical health and risk of exposure, and is based on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) assessment. Please note that we will continue to update this screener regularly based on CDC recommendations.  The guide on how to add the measure is here.
    2. Several anxiety measures are available for both adults and children including the GAD-2/GAD-7; SCARED, RCADS, Panic Disorder Severity Scale, PCL-6, and others. 
    3. Finally, Mirah offers the PROBLEMS & GOALS and Free-text Open Response idiographic measures to allow for collaborative targeting of issues. Instructions on using the Free-Text Open Response measure are here.

    tMBC Basics

    Using Mirah or any other measurement feedback system in real-time to support your telehealth sessions. This simple guide shows you how to have your telehealth platform and Mirah open side by side, as well as a window for taking session notes. Access the guide here.